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Rivanna River
Renaissance Conference

September 28, 2018
10:00 a.m.
Albemarle County Office Building
401 McIntire Rd.

February 10, 2014 Meeting Materials:

Rivanna River Basin Commission

Final February 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order and Confirm Quorum

2. Roll call and brief introductions

- Welcome to new commissioners

3. Review Agenda

4. Comments from the Public and Responses by Commissioners

5. Draft RRBC Minutes from October 21, 2013
ACTION: Approve Minutes

6. Draft RRBC Executive Committee Minutes from January 20, 2014
ACTION: Approve Minutes (Moss, Frydl, Brame)

7. Report from Nominating Committee and Officer Elections
ACTION: Elect RRBC Officers for 2014

8. Report from the Chair

- MOU for Sampling Equipment
- Brief history of the RRBC
- Recommendations of the RRBC Executive Committee to Commission:

1) Create planning committee charged with the following objectives:

2) Committee Chair recommendation

3) Solicitation of committee members

ACTION: Approve creation of planning committee, objectives, chair, members and addition of May 12, 2014 meeting

- Report from the Rivanna River Basin Foundation

9. Rivanna Snapshot and Technical Report

- Recommend proposal for contracting Ms. Leslie Middleton, former RRBC Executive Director, to complete technical report if in line with decisions of planning committee

- Approve mailing of snapshot with technical report

ACTION: Approve recommendations for Rivanna Snapshot

10. Treasurer's Report: December 2013 Financial Report
ACTION: Approve Treasurer's Report

11. Announcements from Commissioners

12. Announcements from the Technical Advisory Committee

13. Adjourn

Upcoming Commission Meetings

May 12, 2014* (if approved)
June 9, 2014
October 20, 2014

Additional Meeting Materials

Draft Meeting Minutes, October 21, 2013 RRBC Meeting
Draft Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2014 EC Meeting
Rivanna Snapshot
December 2013 Financial Report



The Rivanna River Basin Commission provides guidance for the stewardship of water and natural resources of the Rivanna River Basin and promotes activities by local, state, and federal governments, and by individuals, that foster resource stewardship for the environmental and economic health of the Basin.

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The Commission has representatives from these jurisdictions and organizations.

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City of Charlottesville

Albemarle County

Fluvanna County

Greene County

Culpeper SWCD

Thomas Jefferson SWCD