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September 28, 2018
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In the News 2011

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The TJPDC Awarded Grant, Keswick Life, November 2011

The TJPDC, in partnership with the Rivanna River Basin Commission (RRBC) have been awarded a Small Watershed Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Chesapeake Bay Program, via the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. [download PDF]

Rivanna River Basin Commission Advances Stormwater Management in Greene County, Middle James Roundtable Wrap-Up, Fall 2011, Volume 5, Issue 3

On November 19, 2011 "thirty volunteers from the local Ruritans, Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners, along with citizens, neighbors, and elected officials planted 1050 native perennials and shrubs in a 270-foot linear bioswale constructed at Greene County Community Park in Stanardsville, Virginia." [download PDF]

River Groups Team Up for "Choose Clean Water" Initiative, WVIR NBC 29, October 20, 2011

“The bottom line is we are struggling with keeping our waters clean here, and healthy, and we need to find ways to creatively work toward keeping them clean,” said Leslie Middleton with the Rivanna River Basin Commission. [read more] [download PDF]

Most Rivanna basin streams impaired, The Daily Progress, October 15, 2011

“We should all be very concerned. There’s no way to beat around the bush on that,” Leslie Middleton, executive director of the Rivanna River Basin Commission, said of the results. “It highlighted what many already know intuitively, that forest cover is the best way of ensuring good water quality.” [read more] [download PDF]

Quarter Creek getting $40,000 upgrade at Greene park, Greene County Record, October 12, 2011

“The stream restoration project under way at Greene County Community Park is yet another example of how the county is ensuring that watershed protection and environmental stewardship are an integral part of improving the park with more amenities for the residents,” said Leslie Middleton, executive director of the Rivanna River Basin Commission. [read more] [download PDF]

National park problems among topics at Nelson meeting, The Daily Progress, September 17, 2011

Middleton said the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay could start at the local level in bay watershed communities across Virginia. If the local water quality improves, Middleton said, "we will have the best of both worlds — clean water and restoration of the bay." [read more] [download PDF] [Download RRBC's presentation at the 2011 Virginia Environmental Assembly]

Ounce of protection is worth a gallon of cure for rivers, Chesapeake Bay Journal, June 2011

"The really good news is that we have a lot to protect here, relative to other parts of the commonwealth, and a lot to be thankful for," said Middleton, executive director of the Rivanna River Basin Commission…The challenge for the Rivanna watershed is finding ways to keep good rivers from going bad. "We don't want assets to turn into problems," Middleton said. [read more] [download PDF]

Rivanna Study Yields Good and Bad News, April 11, 2011

New information about the health of the Rivanna River as it runs through Charlottesville and all that dumps into it along the way, was released Monday. The people working to protect the Rivanna say this study is good news, even though only about a third are healthy streams. But that number is better than most watersheds in the Commonwealth and now they're calling on policy-makers to keep the waters that way. The Rivanna River Basin Commission (RRBC) is setting the standard for healthy waters. RRBC Executive Director Leslie Middleton stated, "We do have clean waters." [read more] [download PDF][view the video clip]

Local TMDL planning continues despite challenges, Charlottesville Tommorrow, February 24, 2011

Local officials are preparing to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Administration mandate to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, even as challenges to the plan are mounted in both Congress and the courts ... The next phase is the development of local plans that will spell out precisely what steps will be taken to reduce pollution ... Leslie Middleton, the executive director of the Rivanna River Basin Commission, said "individuals can play a role by voluntarily making choices to have a smaller footprint." [read more] [download PDF]

DEQ begins the public process to clean up Charlottesville's impaired streams, Charlottesville Tommorrow, January 8, 2011

"The cleanup plan that's happening locally is coming in right at the time when Charlottesville is going to be dealing also with its target loads because of the bay TMDL," said Leslie Middleton, the executive director of the Rivanna River Basin Commission. "Everything we do to clean up these local streams is going to help with the Bay cleanup plan. Charlottesville will get credit for activities that clean up the streams." [read more] [download PDF]




The Rivanna River Basin Commission provides guidance for the stewardship of water and natural resources of the Rivanna River Basin and promotes activities by local, state, and federal governments, and by individuals, that foster resource stewardship for the environmental and economic health of the Basin.

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